1. A pair of socks for my Dad, using the Opal mockfairisle dyed yarn, in blues and grays. I use a basic Patons sock pattern, and knit the heels and toes in a plain coloured Patons 5-ply yarn for some additional strength – plus the plain contrasting heel keeps the ‘fairisle’ pattern even before and after the heel. I’m currently knitting the foot of the second sock – should have them finished by Wednesday, so I can post them off to him when I go into town then.

2. A pair of blue lacy socks for me. This is the first pair of the many I’ve knitted that doesn’t use the basic Patons pattern – instead I’m using the Latvian Socks pattern from Nancy Bush’s Folk Socks. I’ve so far done about an inch and a half on the first sock – but it’s looking good, and I’m enjoying it!

3. On the loom is the remainder of the two-scarf rainbow warp I painted a while back. I’ve woven the first scarf and cut it off, now I just have to tie up the warp again and weave the second one. I’m going to aim to do that before the end of the year – which gives me about 6 days to do it in!

4. Current spinning is a merino sliver which I’m spinning very fine, for a lace scarf.

Next projects planned:

– A baby blanket for my friend’s daughter. I’ve finally bought the yarn (mauve, yellow and white 5-ply from Bendigo); now I just have to decide whether to weave it on my 4-shaft loom, in basic twill, or to use the long-idle big loom and weave 8-shaft twill blocks. I’m leaning towards the latter.

– Some fingerless gloves for assorted members of the family. I have some angora and merino fibre I could spin up and dye, which will be cosy warm. My mother knitted me a pair from a commercial wool/angora yarn many, many years ago, and they live in my coat pockets and have kept my hands warm on many a wintry morning.

– I have two lengths of handwoven fabric to make up into jackets. I finally got hold of some black silk lining fabric for one of them a month or two back – now I just have to decide on a pattern, make a prototype from commercial fabric, and then make the handwoven one. For the other, I need to weave some plain-weave fabric in a plain blue to use for cuffs, collar, trimming, etc, as the overshot pattern would otherwise be a bit overpowering.