How many superfine gray merino fleeces does one spinner need?

In the case of this spinner, who rarely gets time to spin, ‘three’ is not the correct answer. However, that’s how many I have in my stash. Plus an old white merino fleece. And a large black crossbred fleece. And a kilo of Shetland tops. And a kilo of lovely crossbred tops. And a gazillion boxes and bags of other assorted fibres.

Then there’s the weaving and knitting yarns. And the fabric stash.

I spent a little time yesterday clearing some space in the cupboard that houses (some of) my hoard. I didn’t do a full clean-out – I don’t have a week to spare! – but I did turf out some stuff, sort out and re-stash a few other things, and moved some things from the overflow outside the cupboard into it.

Yarn and fibre stash2

Yarn and fibre stash 1

Nope, it’s nowhere near tidy, but look! There’s still some spare space!!