Jade/blue/purple socks

I found the pair of socks I finished a month or two back 🙂 The yarn is a Patons yarn, with the heels and toes done in a Bendigo 5 ply. I have some more of the Patons; I like this colourway, and the texture of the yarn, so I’ll knit another pair, this time with purple heels and toes.

The blue lacy socks (from a couple of posts ago) are progressing, but I’m not 100% happy with the pattern and yarn combination. I’ve knitted the first sock past the heel, but when I tried it on it’s a bit tight around the leg. I think it will be okay, but if I’m going to continue I’l need to get another ball of yarn. If the wool shop is out of the yarn, I’ll take that as a sign, undo what I’ve done and maybe knit some mittens with that yarn instead. And of, course, buy some different yarn to knit the lacy socks with – something a little softer 🙂