The loom has been silent for well over a week, due to the demands of other aspects of my life, not to mention the heat in the sunroom the couple of times I’ve contemplated taking a few minutes to weave. However, this morning was overcast, I didn’t have to be anywhere else or have urgent deadlines, so off to the loom I went.

Rainbow scarf - blue into jade

From the dark blue of the last photo, I’ve shaded into the jade green – not quite as smoothly as I’d like, but even though I tried dyeing a blue in between the dark blue and the jade, it didn’t come out quite the right intermediate shade to blend the two. However, it’s smoother than the first scarf’s transitions in this colour of the warp.

Rainbow scarf - jade into green

Then came blending into the green, and as with the first scarf, the two shades I have work wonderfully with the warp colour at this point, so that the transitions are very smooth and almost invisible.

Being up to the green means that I’ve only got a few centimetres to go before I’m half-way through the scarf 🙂 The second half should go more quickly, because I don’t have to experiment with and decide on colours, just work in reverse what I’ve done in the first half.