I kept working at the loom yesterday. I decided to take a holiday from all the long list of Should Be Doing things and weave for a couple more hours instead. And then the end of the scarf was near, so I had to finish it, didn’t I?

end of the warp

I had about 8″ less of the red warp at the end than I did at the beginning, so the scarf is not symmetrical in terms of mirror repeat at each end. (Long story about how that happened that I won’t go in to here.)

However, despite the fact that I’m normally into balance and symmetry, I’m comfortable with this asymmetry. Not that I have much choice to be any other way 🙂  But this whole project was to stretch me into doing some new things, so being asymmetrical is one more new thing.

back rod

There it is, as far as I could go!

rainbow scarf - finished

Off the loom at last. I still have to hem stitch one end, finish the fringe, wash it, and cut off all the loose ends, but the weaving is finished, and yes, I’m happy with it!

Hmm… I wonder what I will weave next…