Does anyone know of a knitting pattern for a simple lacy capelet that would be suitable for a friend of mine who is confined to bed? I have found a couple of bedjacket patterns, but since she has paralysis in one arm, I’m looking for something without sleeves, so it will be easier to put on. I know there are also heaps of lovely shawl patterns, but shawls won’t work as well as they can slip off shoulders and bunch up too easily, and my friend has limited movement to rearrange things. A front-opening capelet that is shaped to sit nicely over the shoulders, with a button or two at the front, would be ideal. If anybody can suggest anything, I’d be grateful – I’d prefer a pattern that’s downloadable from the web, as I’d have to order in knitting books (in a small town, there’s not many on the bookshelves of our shops).

In project updates, I have about 20 rows to go on the gansey sleeves. I haven’t weighed what’s left in the yarn yet – I’ll wait till the sleeves are finished, then weigh the back, and what’s left over. I have a busy day ahead today, but hope to finish the sleeves tonight, and then I’ll have the burning question answered!