My package of yarn from The Knittery arrived yesterday – 3 luscious skeins of hand-dyed merino/cashmere sock yarn, a skein of gorgeous merino silk lace-weight yarn, and enough merino/possum yarn of a jumper.

Unfortunately, not enough time to fondle it adequately or photograph it, as I’ve been rushing around getting ready to fly off to Sydney this morning. So, photos after I get back on Monday.

The exer-stash is at $12.60 $14.90 (I squeezed in a walk this morning!)  The yarn that arrived yesterday doesn’t count, because I’d ordered that days before I started the resolution. However, my spending in Sydney on yarn/fibre will be limited to a maximum $12.60 $14.90. Yep, I’m being tough. I’ve also decided that the gift voucher that I was given for my LYS when I finished my job in December is going to have to be earned – so, I have to walk for the privilege of spending that $70.

And now I’d better run to get ready to leave in time – still haven’t finished packing!!