I have finished a sock. (But don’t ask me about the book revisions. Just. Don’t.)

They’re cruddy photos because I have neither a sock blocker or an attractive leg, but I’ll try and get some better ones later (photos, not legs – although maybe some weight loss might eventually help the legs.)

I didn’t do the toe decrease as written for the pattern. I looked around on Ravelry, and the P3tog decrease down the centre front of the toe just didn’t work for me. I know some people love it, but I kept thinking it looked like a butt crack 🙂 So, I did a variation of my standard toe decrease. The garter stitch down the side of the heel doesn’t really work for me, either, but I’m not going to frog and redo that. I’ll make the 2nd sock matching, but if I make this pattern again (and I probably will), I’ll leave out the garter stitch heel band.

Sock for Veronik in Nundle Retro 4ply

Sock for Veronik in Nundle Retro 4ply - detail

And, as far as progress on other fronts goes:

  • Patonyle socks: up to heel on first sock
  • Jaywalker socks: no progress
  • Weaving: still stalled
  • Fisherman’s gansey: front bottom band knitted
  • Book revisions: will be finished tonight!