I ended up frogging the blue heel on the bright jaywalkers and have reknit it in the dark purple – and it’s much better! I don’t know a lot about colour theory, but although a very close blue is in the main yarn, I think the blue heel didn’t work because it was too ‘cool’ a colour for the warm, rich orange, pink and purple.

So, then I finished the sock, and tried it on, and…. it doesn’t fit. I can get it on my foot, but it’s tight around the foot, and way stretched around the ankle. Hmm. I’m going to let this project ‘rest’ for a little while, until I decide what to do. I’m not that keen on the colour scheme that I want to frog the sock and start again. However, my 16yo niece is on her way back from 3 months in France at the moment, so when  she’s home, I’ll find out if she wants a pair of zany coloured socks. If so, I’ll finish the second sock and she can have them for her birthday in April. If not, hmmmm….

Jaywalker sock, Lincraft yarn

As this project is now resting, I felt justified in casting on a new sock. The merino/cashmere yarn from The Knittery has been tempting me since it arrived about two months ago. I decided to try the jaywalker pattern again, but on the next size up needles. I’m using 2.75mm this time, on the logic that this size worked for the Veronik socks I made last month.

Jaywalker sock, The Knittery merino/cashmere yarn

My very basic, plain knit-while-I-write socks are also coming along. Sock one is finished, ans sock 2 on the way:

Patonyle sock

On the Jo Sharp Fisherman’s Gansey, I’m up to the pattern on the front yoke – but that takes a little bit of concentration, so it hasn’t progressed much lately.

Weaving-wise – no progress 😦

Spinning – I actually went to the meeting a couple of weeks ago, and did spin some silk tops, but not much. There was a meeting yesterday, but as I had the migroan from hell, I didn’t go. Next fortnight!