As of this morning, the exer-stash fund stands at $42.00. Taking into account the $23 that I ‘withdrew’ on last week’s Nundle trip, that’s a total of 65 kilometres that I’ve walked on the treadmill since 31st December.

Okay, so 65 kilometres isn’t a whole lot over two and a bit months, but it is probably about 55km better than I would have done without the motivation of my exer-stash pledge. There’s way too many more enjoyable things to do than spending half an hour a day on the dreadmill, and self-discipline in exercise has never been one of my strengths! However, the exer-stash discipline is definitely helping, although I can still find excuses not to exercise, and I’m not doing it every day.

So, to boost my motivation, I decided this morning that if I walk on the treadmill every day for seven days in a row, with an average of at least 2.4 kilometres per day, than I earn a bonus $5.00.

And what am I walking towards? I still have a reasonable stash at the moment, of yarns from The Knittery, and two pullovers worth from Bendigo, so I’m not yarn-starved, but I am planning a couple of projects that will need new yarns – I want to make a loose jacket in something like Jo Sharp’s Silk Tweed (ie, not a cheap project – probably around $140 worth of yarn) and I’ll need some contrasting yarns for two other projects I have in mind. And, of course, there’s more sock yarns from The Knittery and other places that I covet!