Having finished the cabled mitts, I started thinking about knitting some lacy fingerless mittens. I have left over Nundle 4ply Retro from the Veronik socks, and I liked the lace pattern in that, so I figured it would probably be easy enough to make mittens around that idea.

Lacy fingerless mittens Nundle 4ply Retro

It’s my niece’s 17th birthday in a few weeks; if these work, she might get a handmade birthday present – unless I decide to keep them for myself! I haven’t used a lacy tension, so the fabric of these is reasonably thick. The idea is that they’ll be warm, as well as decorative.

I had lunch with my friend Kerry yesterday, and she tried on the cabled fingerless mitts. They fit, and she likes the pattern, so I gave her the choice of the three colours I have the merino cashmere yarn in, and she chose the dark reds. I’ll start knitting hers shortly.

In exer-stash news – well, I’ve been a bit off-colour the past week, as DH shared his cold/flu bug with me. I didn’t get it very badly, but enough to make treadmilling an unwise option. Today, though, I was back on it – 2.5km in 31 mins 11secs, and $2.50 in the exer-stash fund. And I have the extra motivation of the bonus $5 if I walk 7 days in a row, so I’m planning to be good!