I decided that the lacy mitten gauge was a bit too tight, and after some experimenting, I started again with 3.25mm needles and only 4 repeats of the lace pattern. After using 2.5mm needles, the 3.25mm ones felt huge! Unfortunately I don’t have short 3.25 dpns, so it was a little awkward with only 11 sts on each needle, but nevertheless the first glove knitted up quite quickly and was done in about 24 hours.

Hand knitted lacy fingerless mitten

This tension lets the lacy pattern show more effectively, yet should still be considerably warmer than bare fingers for the frosty, foggy Canberra winter.

I’ve also started Kerry’s red cabled mittens, and have almost finished the 4″ of ribbing at the cuff. (I did 2″ while watching Pirates of the Caribbean last night. I enjoyed the movie more the second time than I did the first time.)

I might have to put Kerry’s mittens slightly on hold for a week or two – Lauren’s birthday is April 4, so I need to finish by April 1 to get them in the post on time, and Dad’s birthday is April 12 (April 9 posting deadline.) I haven’t started socks for Dad yet, so I’ll probably start them today and do the plain knitting while I’m writing, and Lauren’s lacy knitting while I’m watching DVDs with DH in the evening.