A while ago, I posted about my quest for a lacy capelet pattern to knit for an ill friend. It seems other people have been searching for something similar, as there are a fair few people who have come to this blog because of a search on those keywords.

So, I thought I’d report back here.

Although there are some nice patterns about, I didn’t find anything amongst the patterns currently available on the web that was exactly what I was looking for. However, in recent weeks I’ve been acquiring some vintage pattern books (from my trip to Nundle last month, and I’ve bought some from e-Bay), and in one of those books I found a pattern that is similar to what I had in mind (without the bow!):

Lacy capelet vintage knitting pattern

Sadly, my friend is now very ill, and after 5 years of struggle her time left is not long enough to knit this capelet for her. However, because life goes on (and my friend would definitely encourage it!), and because my sister commented in passing recently that my niece likes capelets and other now-trendy-again things, I’m contemplating what this pattern might look like in jewel-coloured, space-dyed yarns…