I finished the lacy fingerless mitts for Lauren two days ago, but only got photos taken today – I needed the DH’s help, as it’s kinda awkward to photograph both of one’s own hands!

Nundle Woollen Mills, Retro 4ply

I’m very pleased with these – other than the slight oopsy of stuffing up the thumb increase on mitten two, and starting it a pattern repeat later than on mitten one – hence one mitt being almost an inch longer than the other. I’m sure Lauren won’t mind – it’s not terribly obvious.

I like these so much that now I need to make a pair for myself!  Despite the lacy holes, they are quite warm, which is good, as we’re moving into autumn down here, and winter gets quite chilly.


Yarn: Nundle Woolen Mills Retro 4ply (pure wool)

Pattern: improvisation as I went along. The lace pattern is the same basic lace from the Veronik socks.