I finished the hedera socks last night, and am pleased with the result. The lace pattern was easy enough to be almost mindless, which is the type of knitting I need just now – nothing I need to think about for more than a few seconds at a time!

Hedera socks

Hedera socks

Pattern: Hedera by Cookie A, from Knitty.com Spring 2006. Yarn: Heirloom Arglye 4ply

My next challenge is to work out what to knit next. I’m contemplating knitting a few things for Christmas gifts, but they have to be reasonably simple patterns for the afore-mentioned mindless knitting. Plus, as December is summer here down south, I don’t really want to be giving winter woollies. Socks would be okay, or light scarves or shawls, or maybe a lacy shrug or short cardigan, but nothing that folks are just going to put away immediately for five months until it gets cold.

So, I’m trawling through the gazillion patterns I’ve ‘queued’ on Ravelry, and browsing through books, and contemplating my stash. I even sorted out a box stuffed full of (mostly) sock yarns in a cupboard yesterday – its only a fraction of my stash, but I photographed and added another 15 or so lots of yarn to my stash page on Ravelry. I’m not going to run out of yarn anytime soon.

I’ve found a few possibilities, but I’m not totally inspired by any of them, yet. I may have to do a little test-knitting, to see what I like, and what is easy enough to knit without using all my braincells.

I’ll post here when I decide!