I started knitting one of the Three Sisters scarves a couple of weeks back. It’s a nice and easy pattern, but I’m pretty sure I picked the wrong yarn:

Three sisters scarf #2

Three sisters scarf #2

Love the colours, don’t like the pooling, plus the yarn is too heavy for the pattern and there’s probably not going to be enough for a decent length scarf. So, I’ve almost talked myself into frogging it.

It’s just a really big step to do the deed itself – pull that needle out, rip it all, rewind the yarn.

In the meantime, I’ve been going a bit slow on the Komet sock. It’s much easier pattern-wise to knit over three needles rather than four, but a bit harder on my hands, which have been aching a bit lately. So I do a bit here and there.

Nundle Woollen Mills Retro 4ply

Pattern: Komet, by Stephanie van der Linden. Yarn: Nundle Woollen Mills Retro 4ply

My other current easy knitting is the shawl-collar jacket; I undid the 8″ of the back that I’d knitted a couple of weeks ago, and started again in a smaller size – have now done about 8″ again. After the moss-stitch hem, its plain knitting, so quite brainless.