Painful wrist/hand + book deadline = very little knitting lately 😦

I’m only knitting a bit at a time, a few rows here and there spread across several projects, so progress on all of them has been slow. However, I’m only a couple of pattern repeats from finishing the second half of the Three Sisters scarf – so hopefully in the next day or so it will be finished, grafted together, and blocked. I haven’t had a FO for over a month – longer for knitting – so I’m itching to be able to change a project status on Ravelry and upload photos! Maybe this week.

My jacket in Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran has seen a little progress – the back is finished, and I’ve started the fronts, almost finished the lower moss-stitch bands. I’m knitting both fronts at once, to make sure I get them the same.

I started a pair of socks in The Knittery’s merino/cashmere sock yarn, but the needles I had were driving me mad, so I frogged it to start again with a different pattern, on different sized needles. Around Christmas time I had started a pair of plain socks, using one of the Cherry tree Hill yarns, but the pooling was gack, so I frogged it yesterday, too.

However, I really need to get this darned book finished this week, so knitting will continue to be sporadic, and only what helps me concentrate on writing, until next week at the least.

But on the good news front, I have walked on the treadmill EVERY morning for the past 19 days, so my exer-stash fund is looking healthy. So when I finally get some real money again, I won’t feel guilty spending it 🙂

And that being said, it is time to get my walking shoes on and go and walk – and then it will be writing time, for the rest of the day (and night!)