Twisted and Warped describes neither my personality nor my state of mind – I hope! So, if you’ve coming here looking for really weird stuff, sorry for the disappointment.

My hobbies are twisted and warped. Wait, that sounds a bit weird, too. Perhaps I should more correctly say that my hobbies involve twisting and warping.

I’ve been spinning and weaving since I was a teenager, which is a frightening number of decades ago. Because life is busy, with part-time work, part-time doctoral study, and my other main activity of novel-writing, the fibre work isn’t as active as I’d like it to be, and I seem to be doing far more knitting these days than either spinning or weaving (which wasn’t the case when I first started this blog.)

As a spinner, I tend to spin fine, and spin mostly wool and silk. My weaving leans towards fine, too – the finest project (to date) was a rayon scarf I made a few years ago set at 60epi.

Most my spinning is done on an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel, that I’ve had for 25 years. And there’s quite a collection of drop spindles 🙂 The loom I use most is an elderly 4-shaft counterbalance loom that I acquired from the local former Teacher’s College when they were clearing out old equipment. I suspect that it might have been locally made around the 1940s. My other big loom is a 60″, 12 shaft Lotas countermarch loom, but sadly I have little time to use this, so I am planning on selling it as it tales up a LOT of space in our not-large sunroom.

I have several small looms, all of them elderly but functional! These include a 30″ 4-shaft table loom (I think another hand-made model), a 12″ two-shaft loom, and a couple of inkle looms.

I’m interested in historical spinning and weaving techniques, so I can (and do) spin fine yarn on a drop spindle, weave on a warp-weighted loom, and other skills entirely out of step with modern life.

I live in the gorgeous New England region of northern New South Wales, Australia, on 100 acres of beautiful regrowth bush, with my husband and two energetic border collies. We currently don’t keep any livestock, but our neighbours have large properties specialising in super-fine merinos, so there’s always sheep nearby.

My first novel will be published in Australia in September, 2008. If you’re interested in romantic suspense, you can find my author website here.