This Gallery page shows some items I’m most pleased with, during my textile ‘career’. Project pages for each year list all FOs and other achievements by calendar year.

Pattern: Brangian (medium). Yarn: Handmaiden SeaSilk

Andrea wearing her shawl

Pattern: Aeolian Shawl. Yarn: Handmaiden SeaSilk

Pattern: Swallowtail Shawl. Yarn: Morris Empire 4ply

rainbow scarf - finished

This pure wool scarf was woven on a painted warp, with a mix of commercially dyed and home dyed yarns used in the weft to shade the colours.

huck lace scarf in fine rayon

I made two scarves on the one warp of fine rayon, set at 60epi. the warp alternated royal blue and jade green threads; for this scarf, I used the jade green for the weft, and for the next one I used the royal blue. The weave structure is blocks of 4-shaft huck lace.

Lyn’s scarf - monk’s belt inlay

Silk scarf woven in plain weave with a monk’s belt inlay – I dyed the silk, and used strands of embroidery cotton for the inlay.

Fine handspun lace scarf
I spun the yarn for this scarf, and another guild member knitted it. The scarf was made for a guild raffle a few years ago.